100% baby alpaca scarves

Our Alpaca shawls are lightweight, elegant and hypoallergenic.
They are perfect for keeping you warm in the winter and can be used for any occasion.
They are sustainable made in the Peruvian highlands with alpaca fiber.

They are incredibly soft, available in elegant colors and will keep you warm for many winter's to come.

Alpaca fleece is as soft as cashmere, warmer than sheep's wool, hypo-allergenic and almost completely waterproof. In a world growing weary of synthetic materials and enthusiastically turning toward eco-friendly choices, alpaca fiber offers an opportunity for consumers to wear soft, warm, durable, natural garments.

100% Baby Alpaca


length 160cm
width 50cm

These are handmade and may have slight imperfections and might look slightly different to the pictures, but this does not take anything away from this fantastic product and it also means that you will receive a truly unique product!

More colours available, please do not hesitate to ask!

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